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Our need to define ourselves, one another, objects, and the purpose of things, both enable and limit our ability to live in the space of the ambiguous notions of elasticity of one’s identity.

Throughout my career as an artist, I explore society's invisible structures of community, value, and identity, where nature and the indoors meet, creating temporary fragile spaces containing fragments of time and history. My choice of materials and techniques is highly influenced by my childhood in Jerusalem in the 80-90s. 

After completing a BA and MFA from the University of Haifa ( Israel ) I started creating large-scale installations which incorporate classic disciplines such as painting, drawing, and craft techniques alongside ready-made objects and moving images. My most recent work explores the ideas of “Entangled Empathy” Link between Pattern - Mass production - Reproduction - Ecofamnisam and Mass distraction.  through hyper-realist drawing and large-scale installation.

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