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Grop Exhibition:  The Coming Community In Search of Community in Contemporary Art





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The eye in the storm

The group of men in the drawings created by Vik Jacobson Frid exist in a liminal state that appears impossible to escape from. The narrative woven in this context is not a linear one, but rather one based on fragments of time, place and history.

 Vik Jacobson Frid's works are concerned with an imaginary community, whose members are constantly suspended in liminal states – between life and death, between intense activity and total passivity. The heads of the characters in this work are covered with sacks, lending them the appearance of war prisoners. They engage in everyday activities, and are captured in various states that border on violence or total indifference, while living in environments that combine elements of both the past and the future. The style of the illustrations, which resemble early 20th century book illustrations, similarly allude to the past. The imagined community captured by Jacobson Frid is related to a reality characterized by an addiction to televised representations of current events – a world suspended in a state of limbo, at the intersection between reality, fantasy and nightmare.